Experience & Quality


Since 1979 Rainbow Printers has been providing quality print services to businesses and residents of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. Our experienced staff have decades of experience in their areas of expertise. This means not only providing quality service, but also acting as a knowledge base should you encounter any problems in the planning stages of your project.


Key Staff



Pina handles the business end of things at Rainbow Printers, all the paperwork goes through her desk. The buck stop here!



Sam handles the production end of things. A jack-of-all trades Sam handles estimating, equipment maintenance, press operations and much more. Sam does a little bit of everything, which adds up to a lot.

graphics dept.


Rick is the Senior Graphic Designer at Rainbow Printers and has been in the commercial printing industry since 1985 (yes he's that old). With a wealth of experience in traditional printing as well as digital design Rick is able to work with customers to solve almost any problem they should encounter along the way to producing a quality finished product. Rick is a longtime member of the Communication Workers of America, and as a member in good standing is authorized to imprint your printing project with the Union Label if you desire.




Don & Karen

Don & Karen are the Jack- & Jill-of-All-Trades in the backshop at Rainbow Printers. Karen is a Certified Printer/Lithographer and between the two of them they manage to keep things running smoothly by tagging off on the press, cutter, folder, general bindery work and deliveries.



Earl: 2006 - 2018

Earl: 2006 - 2018

Like most printing companies (it seems to be a thing), Rainbow Printers employs a "shop dog". Apollo is a Husky-X and likes to bark a lot. Fortunately he is all-talk and no bite. Until recently there were two “shop dogs” but sadly Earl (retired racing greyhound) succumbed to cancer on October 5th. He will be missed by staff and customers alike.